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We create unique conditions for testing, follow-up and development of football players.

Why we test

Speed, agility and quickness are key for any footballer

Studies show that 85% of sprints in football involve a change of direction, and 75% of goals are made as a direct result of this. On average, a player makes around 700 changes of direction per match, with 60% of goals being preceded by a sprint.

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From theory to practise

Outrun your shadow

Work continuously to improve key abilities.
For example, a 5% improvement in speed will put you:

– 0.5 m ahead in a 10 m sprint
– 1.0 m ahead in a 20 m sprint
– 1.5 m ahead in a 30 m sprint

This makes a great difference in the game.

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One device.
Mobile and easy.
Makes it happen!

Photon Sports is an easy-to-setup, 100% mobile solution for quick testing – setting a benchmark for standard tests.

  • Test your players in minutes
  • Get instant feedback in the field
  • Seamlessly transfer your data to the cloud
  • Analyse and act using an intuitive user interface

Patented, advanced and validated 3D sensor technology enables a new generation of performance tests.

New generation of tests

Change of direction

Testing for non-linear sprints has been around for a while; now it’s time for high-resolution tracking in three dimensions.
Get the entire speed graph and track key football parameters, including:

  • Symmetry between left and right cuts
  • Deficiency between left, right and linear sprints
  • The player’s ability to accelerate and decelerate

Track players’ progress over time, identify outliers and compare/benchmark performance against/with relevant opponents.

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Everything we do is rooted in science. We work closely with football clubs and leading experts to provide a relevant and reliable service.

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