Test: Max Speed Test 10/20/30 m

What is a Max Speed Test?

A max speed test is exactly what it sounds like. A test that measures an athletes top sprinting speed over a set distance. With Photon Sports technology the athlete starts running behind the camera in order to reach their max speed when passing the camera. The test can be configured to three measurement distances: 10, 20, and 30 meters.

Why test Max Speed?

Speed and top speed are important components of most modern team sports. In football, for example, the number of top-speed sprints in a game has increased over the last decades. By testing your team or squad, you get comparable data and a benchmark to evaluate max speed on an individual or team level over time.

Track Athlete's Max Speed - Compare to Team Mates and Benchmarks    

Photon Sports’ unique technology captures you speed with 60 data points per second, recording the max speed not just on one given point, but for every 10 centimeters during the entire test lenght. Compare your athletes top speed to team mates or benchmarks for a better understanding of their capabilities.  

Other Speed & Acceleration Tests

Our 3D technology tracks centre of body mass with 60 hertz resolution giving split times every 10 centimetres. That equivalent to 300 timing gates on a 30 m sprint presenting the complete picture on your speed and acceleration.

Tests for Speed and Acceleration

Standing Sprint 
5, 10, 20, 30 meter

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Repeated Sprint [BETA]
6X 30 meters

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