Test: Standing Sprint 5/10/20/30 m

What is a Standing Sprint Test?

A Standing Sprint Speed Test is a standardized test of acceleration and speed performance in a linear sprint from a static position over distances of 5, 10, 20, or 30 meters. The athlete sprints between two set points, and the recorded data evaluate their acceleration and speed abilities, providing the complete picture of speed control and sprinting performance.

Why test Standing Sprint with Photon Sports?

Testing sprinting capabilities with a Standing Sprint Test is essential for understanding an athlete’s explosive speed and acceleration abilities, crucial for many sports. With Photon Sports’ standing sprint test, you get instant feedback after testing, validated insights to act on, track progress over time, and enable coaches to monitor training effectiveness. It also allows for comparing performances and tailoring individualized training plans.

Get the complete picture on speed and acceleration  

Photon Sports’ unique technology captures sprint data with 60 data points per second, providing sprint graphs and KPIs with split times every 10 centimeters. Compared to photocells like timing gates or photo gates, that’s equivalent to 300 photocells on a 30-meter sprint.

Other Speed & Acceleration Tests

Our 3D technology tracks centre of body mass with 60 hertz resolution giving split times every 10 centimetres. That equivalent to 300 timing gates on a 30 m sprint presenting the complete picture on your speed and acceleration.

Tests for Speed and Acceleration

Repeated Sprint [BETA]
6X 30 meters

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