Michael Almebäck Hosts Talk at the Congress ECSS Glasgow, Focusing Deceleration

Date: Wednesday, 3 July, 12:35-12:55
Location: Photon Sports, Booth ID 56, SportEx ECSS in Glasgow

Why Deceleration?
In today’s high-speed sports world, the ability to decelerate fast and with control has become crucial. Almost all sports are deceleration-dominant and deceleration has even, by some, been called the forgotten factor. It’s not just about braking faster – it’s about dictating tempo while also ensuring the athletes health and safety.

Stop Faster to Play Better!
Testing and analysing deceleration abilities with high resolution, to access crucial KPIs, has been challenging – Until Now! With new technology comes new possibilities and Photon Sports’ 3D Technology captures the centre of body mass with a 60-hertz resolution, providing actionable insights on acceleration, speed and deceleration.
That’s with just one system – 100% mobile – to test your squad in minutes!

Come and join us for our booth talk, including a demonstration of the benchmark tests for decelerations abilities. We look forward to engaging discussions and your thoughts!

Learn more about deceleration testing: https://www.photonsports.com/abilities/deceleration/
Are you joining ECSS in Glasgow during 2-5 July? Let us know:


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