Product Update: Deceleration. Benchmarking. Player Card.

We are excited to announce our latest software update, focusing on two new deceleration tests and some new features for our web app. We highly appreciate all feedback from the last months and have made significant improvements that we believe will enhance the user experience.

Brand New Deceleration Tests [IN BETA]

We’ve launched two beta tests focusing on deceleration, providing key metrics like average-, early- and late deceleration, distance-to-stop and time-to-stop. These insights support targeted training to boost performance and potentially reduce injury risks. Your feedback on deceleration testing is invaluable! Please invest one minute and fill out our survey.

Benchmarking Improved

Product Update: Deceleration. Benchmarking. Player Card.

The improvement of key ability benchmarks is a game-changer! Now you can easily compare players to other individual players, to player positions, and to other teams, providing clear insights into areas that may need improvement.

Product Update: Deceleration. Benchmarking. Player Card.

Player card

The new player card gives a clear, user-friendly summery of abilities, freshness and trends. It highlights the player’s profile and serves as an educational tool to convey key insights for optimal player development.

We’re confident that these updates will enhance your experience. Since we truly value your feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact our team with any queries.

Thank you for choosing our product. Enjoy the new features!

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