Royal Belgian Football Association joins forces with Photon Sports to strengthen player performance 

“The partnership opens for the possibility to track and improve performance of elite players from their early years to the highest level of the national team”, said Michael Almebäck, Customer Relations at Photon Sports.

Photon Sports has announced an exciting partnership with the Royal Belgian Football Association, one of the highest ranked associations in the world. The cooperation marks an important step for Photon Sports, following recent years’ success among major European clubs such as Club Brugge, KRC Genk, Bayer 04 Leverkusen and many more.

Photon Sports’ easy-to-set-up 3D-cameras and advanced sensor technology enables football clubs to continuously track and develop their players’ performance. Arne Jaspers, Sports Scientist at the Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA), is impressed by the systems’ versatility and quick setup and says the partnership offers a unique approach to tracking player’s performance over time:

“We were impressed by the accuracy, ease of use, and different possibilities of the Photon Sports system. It has practically reinvented the concept of timing gates from various aspects.” 

Jaspers also says the RBFA plans to use the versatile system across several practices, including talent identification and benchmark of both male and female youth players against the national team players.

“This will also involve tailoring training programs based on force-velocity profiles. Furthermore, its utility extends to rehabilitation monitoring and return-to-play assessments.”

For Michael Almebäck, Customer Relations at Photon Sports, and a former football player in Belgian Club Brugge 2011-2013, the partnership creates a new opportunity to use Photon Sports system: 

“Having played in a national team on both youth level and First Team level, I know that time is a scarce resource during camps when the teams are gathered. With Photon Sports’ system, players can be tracked and evaluated in detail in a matter of minutes and the results can be part of the players’ development from their early years to the top national team level.”

Contact information:
Michael Almebäck 
Customer Relations, Photon Sports 


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