Photon Sports is helping both small and major football clubs across Europe. Join the community and learn how to use ground-breaking technology and science-based methods to reach a new level of player development.

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Testing is just one part of the process to keep players on the field and improving performance. Take a look at a teaser of how to work with easy testing as a part of the daily process.

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– I have been using Photon Sports system for both player development and return to play tracking. The quick setup and testing time makes it possible for us to continuously track progress on the entire squad and to do more extensive tests with players who are in rehab.

Anna Kellermalm Fallby


Maximum speed, explosive accelerations, and decelerations are important parameters in today’s elite football and of great importance to continuously develop and evaluate. Photon Sports’ technology makes it possible to easily follow up the progress and thereby give valuable information in the process of optimizing training strategies.

Dan Fransson

Researcher in Sport Science at University of Gothenburg
Analyse your sprint performance

Photon Sports Speed Clinic

At a Photon Sports Speed Clinic you get the chance to test speed related parameters and get inspiration on how to improve them.

The first half of the day we do testing of both linear and non-linear sprints and analysis of the data. The second part consists of practical exercises with our football physical experts. 

  • Test and analyse your sprint ability with our revolutionising tech.
  • Get useful tips on exercises to develop acceleration, sprint and deceleration performance.
  • Get insights, graphs and data to follow up on later.

For the moment we don’t have any announced speed clinics dates and cities. Sign up below to get our news letter where we will post upcoming speed clinics.

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