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Photon Sports enables Fast, Mobile and Reliable Ways of Enhancing your Players Performance.

Athletic Performance Tracker
– ONE, Easy-to-use Device

Photon Sports is an easy-to-setup, 100% mobile solution for quick testing – setting a benchmark for standard tests.

  • Test your players in minutes
  • Get instant feedback in the field
  • Seamlessly transfer your data to the cloud
  • Analyse and act using an intuitive user interface

Patented, advanced and validated 3D sensor technology enables a new generation of performance tests.

The test package

Test package tailored for footballers

Each standardised performance test is designed to measure a physical action specific to football.

Our technology also opens up a new generation of tests. Together with industry experts and football clubs, we have developed tests for change of direction and agility.

Selection of tests

Speed & Acceleration
  • Standing sprint
    (5-10-20-30 meter)
  • Force velocity sprint
  • Max speed sprint
Change of direction
  • CUT 45° and 75°
    (10+5 meter)
  • Curved sprint
  • 5-10-5 Pro Agility
  • T-tests
  • Countermovement jump
  • Squat jump
  • Single-leg jump
  • Deceleration test (ADA)
  • 5-0-5
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Trusting the collected data

Request Validation Reports

The product has been validated using Umeå University and Bosön, the test facility for the National Football Federation of Sweden.

New generation of tests

Change of direction

Testing for non-linear sprints has been around for a while; now it’s time for high-resolution tracking in three dimensions.
Get the entire speed graph and track key football parameters, including:

  • Symmetry between left and right cuts
  • Deficiency between left, right and linear sprints
  • The player’s ability to accelerate and decelerate

Track players’ progress over time, identify outliers and compare/benchmark performance against/with relevant opponents.

Act right away

Instant feedback on key parameters

Testing is only as good as the feedback you get from it. Photon Sports offers quick and easy access to key parameters right on the field.

Access information on symmetry, the ability to change direction, maximum speed, force-velocity profile, and much more – all within one second after you perform the test.

Repeated testing made easy and useful

Establish a reliable baseline and benchmark the results

Quick setup and ease of use are key for running regular tests. By testing frequently, all players can establish a reliable baseline to optimise player development, minimize return to play, and unlock potential.

It’s not about having a huge amount of data; it’s about having the right data for the right abilities at the right time. With our solution you can discover new knowledge about your players to keep them ahead of the competition.

Benchmark your team’s players and gain access to external benchmark data.

Actionable insights

Zoom in, zoom out

When analysing the performance of players, you can have a general overview or go into specific details. Our user-friendly application allows you to analyse data and perform deep-dive analysis from any device of your choice.

Sprint curves
Detailed information on how players perform during sprints, whether it is straight or with a change of direction.

With 60 data points per second (comparable to using 300 photo gates on a 30 metre sprint) you get curves with high resolution, allowing you to deep-dive into analysis or compare players within and outside the team.
Trend over time
A valid baseline is key to unlocking the full potential of your players. By testing frequently, you get reliable data points to track over time. Using these graphs, you can evaluate individual players or compare the entire team.
The deviation graph lets you compare the latest result with a rolling 4/12/52-week average.

A useful feature when it comes to tracking freshness.

In addition to the graphs, you also get access to a table of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each test.

Here, you will find KPIs you are familiar with as well as some new ones made available through our advanced technology.

Freshness indicator

Stay fresh

Ensure players are ready to perform with our freshness indicator. Get reliable baselines and instant feedback on how single players and teams are trending.

Return to play

Keep players in the game

We believe our product has the ability to prevent and manage injuries, helping players return to peak performance. We are dedicated to supporting players and keeping them in the game.

Find imbalances
Our solution helps to identify imbalances during return-to-play testing, ensuring a safe and successful return to the field.
Log injuries
Tracking rehabilitation progress is essential to ensure a successful recovery. Our solution helps to monitor player health and adjust treatment plans as needed.
Track rehabilitation progress
Log injuries with easy monitoring and management of player health. Facilitate a safe and successful return to play.
Know when you are back
Comparing current performance to pre-injury baseline data helps to determine readiness for full training after an injury.
Actionable insights

What's included?

Advanced and patented 3D sensor and a Microsoft Surface tablet.

User friendly and intuitive application, easily accessed from the tablet for testing.

Sleek bag, a tripod and our unique reflective vests.

All ready to go within one minute.

Web app for deep-dive analysis of complete sprint curves, trends over time and detailed KPIs.

Return to play tracking.

Available anytime on any device.

Access to inspirational content and our network of physical performance experts.

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