Test for speed like never before

Tired of setting up photo gates? Get the full picture on speed and acceleration with split times every 10 centimetres.


Timing Gates Reimagined: Discover Photon's Sprint Edition!

We’re redefining the game of testing for sprint capabilities. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional timing gates and hello to our easy-to-use sprint edition, packed into one mobile system.

  • Only ONE unit needed
  • Equivalent to 100+ timing gates
  • Quick and easy set up (< 1 min)
  • Get instant feedback in the field
  • Test your squad in minutes
  • Validated – Based on sience
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Trusting the collected data

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The product has been validated using Umeå University and Bosön, the test facility for the National Football Federation of Sweden.

Actionable insights

60 data points per second

By collecting 60 data points per second our system is equivalent to 100 photo gates on a 10 m sprint. That means our system renders sprint graphs with a resolution of 10 centimeters, enabling in-depth analysis and facilitating comparisons between players.

Sprint curves
Get detailed insights into player performance during sprints, including analysis of their acceleration and endurance. Compare and benchmark players individually or across categories like defense, midfield and offense.
Trend over time
A valid baseline is key to unlocking the full potential of your players. By testing frequently, you get reliable data points to track over time. Using these graphs, you can evaluate individual players or compare the entire team.

Force velocity profiling

By analyzing force and velocity during a regular standing sprint you can get a handful of KPI's. Discover strengths and weaknesses and tailor training for peak performance. Whether you're training sprinters, footballers, handball player or any other athlete, this tool will help you unlock their full potential.

Based on science

Everything we do is rooted in science. We work closely with football clubs and leading experts to provide a relevant and reliable service.

Dan Fransson
Gothenburg University
Helena Andersson
Umeå University
Bram Swinnen
KRC Genk

All included!

Advanced and patented 3D sensor and a Microsoft Surface tablet.

User friendly and intuitive application, easily accessed from the tablet for testing.

Sleek bag, a tripod and our unique reflective vests.

All ready to go within one minute.

Web app for deep-dive analysis of complete sprint curves, trends over time and detailed KPIs.

Return to play tracking.

Available anytime on any device.

Access to inspirational content and our network of physical performance experts.

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Hanna Marklund
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Adam Stighäll

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