Analytics Tools for Actionable Insights on Performance

Producing data through testing has always been the easy part. Knowing what to do with that data, however, is the real challenge. With Photon Sports, it’s incredibly simple. Focus on testing, and let the algorithms handle the rest. Raw performance data is transformed into clear, actionable insights and roadmaps, identifying optimal moments to adjust training…


Force Velocity Profiling

Our Auto Generated FVP graphs, offers instant insights into your players’ strength and speed capabilities, enabling the design of personalised training programs. By understanding whether an athlete has a force or velocity deficit, you can tailor exercises to address weaknesses, optimise strengths, and achieve balanced development.

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SPC | Statistical Process Control

Using SPC Charts for tracking players’ performance allows for precise monitoring of progress and detection of trend shifts in their development. It also aids in distinguishing normal performance variations from significant outliers, critical for tailoring training to optimise each athlete’s potential and address specific needs.

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SPC – How to Navigate with Empirical Data, Featuring Chris Barnes | UEFA

Join an inspiring chat with UEFA Sports Scientist Chris Barnes as we discuss the importance of distinguishing real trend-shifts and outliers from normal variation.

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FVP Breakdown with Michael Almebäck and Bram Swinnen

Tap into an inspiring chat with Photon Sports’ own Michael and high-performance coach Bram as they discuss the importance of force-velocity profiling.

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